Our Ingredients

Specializing in quality food & nutraceutical enhancement.

Mile High Ingredients Formulation

We choose to partner with the leading ingredient suppliers in the country to provide a wide range of quality flavors, nutraceutical components, natural, and value-added ingredients that meet our clients’ exacting needs.

A focus on quality: Our suppliers growing process

More than ever before, consumers are demanding high-quality, clean ingredients that improve their performance and their functional state. That’s why we choose partners who can provide a spectrum of ingredients to meet consumer needs including:

Regardless of your products’ specific requirements, we can help find the right ingredients to make your foods the best they can be.

Others Speaking on Our Behalf

“Mile High is undoubtedly one of our most trusted supplier partners. Their reliability helps keep our product mix consistent, while their in depth industry knowledge helps us push ingredient quality and product innovation forward. We simply love Brendan and Ann!”