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Why this Supplier is The Right Choice:

Conventional or Organic. Whole, fragment, or powder. Any way you want it, MicroDried provides exceptional-quality dried fruits and vegetables that preserve the natural integrity of the ingredient. When our clients want the benefit of full traceability of the fruit and vegetable ingredients they use, we direct them to MicroDried. With their outstanding reputation for supplying many of the world’s best-known brands and largest food manufacturers with quality fruit and vegetable ingredients, MicroDried’s 100% fruits and vegetables add nothing, but bring everything to the table.

Popular Applications

Cereal • Craft Bear • Tea • Yogurt • Confectionary • Pancake Mixes • Nutritional Bar • Nutraceuticals • Pet Food

Insights on their Growing Process

MicroDried is part of a vertically integrated, family-owned agri-business and is a single source processor for all its fruit and vegetable ingredients. The company is committed to the highest domestic and international certification and food safety standards in the industry and has earned the highest possible rating from BRC for four years in a row. All production facilities are AIB, BRC, Kosher, and Organic certified.

All products are fully traceable from the field to shipping and are Non-GMO, Gluten and Allergen-free, 100% fruit with no added colors, sugars or preservatives.

How We’ve Worked Together

MicroDried products were a perfect fit for the brand requirements of a large tea company who wished to create a line of fruit-based teas to be launched nationally. They knew they wanted no added sugar, color, or carriers, and MicroDried was a perfect fit for their clean, organic, high-quality and fully traceable product goals.

Projects We've Collaborated On:

Pancake Mixes • Nutritional Bars • Beer • Tea • Dehydrated Meals •  Nutraceutical Products • Granola • Oat Meals


Others Speaking on Our Behalf

Mile High Ingredients is the best resource in the Rocky Mountain territory. They are knowledgeable and up to date on trends within their respective markets, which helps drives the sales of their principles. Not only is MHI aware of market trends, they also take the time to educate themselves on their principles product lines so that they are providing a win-win scenario for customers and suppliers. We are happy to partner with their team!