How We Work:
Our Signature Process

Guiding healthy food partnerships and delivering pure ingredients
The journey to market for every product and every company we serve is different. That’s why our process starts with a deep dive into understanding the goals and requirements of every project, so that we can provide unparalleled support from concept, through research and development, all the way to testing and production.

Step 1: Meet our Suppliers

We work with the top ingredients suppliers from around the country and around the world to help our clients produce the finest foods on the market. Click any of the links below to learn more about our partners:

Fruit-based ingredients

Flavor concentrates and enhancers

Functional ingredients and nutraceuticals

Savory ingredients


Step 2: Request a Sample

The process begins with our Sample Request Questionnaire. Weve crafted the questions through our years of experience to walk you through the different potential requirements of your project.

With the answers from your questionnaire, we will be able to provide the very best recommendations that match your unique requirements. The more information you can give us at this stage of the journey, the better solution we can provide. Were here to guide you when you need more direction.

Step 3: Custom Formulas

Once we understand your exact needs, we work with suppliers to identify and create profiles, ingredients, and nutraceutical components that can be custom formulated to your requirements. In some instances, samples become proprietary to you. Well coordinate with you and the suppliers on timelines, pricing, and support.

We partner with your R&D and formulation teams to collect feedback on the samples and tweak the formulas even more to ensure that the foods taste, smell, and look delicious.

Got questions? Were also your go-to experts for answers on compliance, labeling, and nutritional requirements.

Bonus: Ongoing Support

Our role doesnt end there: we provide ongoing support through the testing, formulation, manufacturing, and launch processes.

This includes scaled up sampling, trial runs, pilot runs, market testing and support and more.


Others Speaking on Our Behalf

"Mile High Ingredients is one of our oldest, most valued, and trusted suppliers. At Rocky Mountain Spice one of our core values is People First. The customer service that Ann and Brendan provide is a perfect example of this. They consistently go above and beyond for us, and they are our go-to for several product categories. Mile High Ingredients is more than a supplier, they are our partner."