Sourcing the finest
ingredients for your launch.

For more than 50 years we’ve guided top brands to the best food ingredients for your products.

Creating Ingredient Partnerships Since 1971

Guiding healthy food partnerships and delivering pure ingredients

We partner with brands through the entire food development process: from ordering samples for R&D, through testing, formulation, manufacturing, and launch to create delicious, successful products that meet the most exacting specifications.

Our experience, connections, and signature support make us the perfect partners to help health and wellness brands
in the Mountain West develop, test, and produce innovative foods and beverages using only the finest ingredients available.

Only the finest ingredients

We only work with suppliers and ingredients that we and our partners stand behind. Our values support enhancing nutritional and functional qualities, reducing cost, and improving performance.

Others Speaking on Our Behalf

“Brendan and his team are amazing! They provide exceptional customer service by helping us get answers to our development and regulatory questions, improve our pricing, get necessary samples, and provide an added resource for our ingredient needs.”

Crafting the future of food

We bridge the gap between our clients and partners with our combined knowledge that the future of food is in functionality, transparency, and accountability. We help brands stay ahead of the curve with a focus on ingredients that offer:

  • Traceability and sustainability from field to table
  • Certifications customers care about
  • Clean labels 
  • Functional and nutraceutical components to improve performance for sports nutrition and beyond
  • Probiotics, supplements, and other innovative ingredients customers demand