Mile High Ingredients proudly represents Milne MicroDried® to bring an impressive assortment of dried fruits and vegetables to the marketplace for use in a vast array of commercial applications. MicroDried has a strong reputation for supplying many of the world’s best-known brands and largest food manufacturers with quality fruit and vegetable ingredients for:

  • Breakfast/health: cereals, oatmeal, trail mixes and a wide variety of health bars
  • Beverage: teas, beers, drink mixes
  • Dairy: cheese, yogurt, yogurt toppings, gelato, ice cream
  • Confectionary: candy bars, truffles, bonbons, chocolate covered blueberries
  • Baked goods: biscotti, cookies, scones
  • Specialty Items: jerky and specialty popcorn
  • Rebag: trail mix and consumer pack
  • Nutraceuticals: tablets, capsules, protein drink mix and functional foods
  • Pet Foods
  • Craft Brewing

Milne MicroDried is part of a vertically integrated family owned agri-business and is a single source processor for all its fruit and vegetable ingredients. The company is committed to the highest domestic and international certification and food safety standards in the industry and has earned the highest possible rating from BRC for four years in a row. All production facilities are AIB, BRC, Kosher, and Organic certified.

All products are fully traceable from the field to shipping and are Non-GMO, Gluten and allergen free, 100% fruit with no added colors, sugars or preservatives.

MicroDried vs. Freeze Dried or Infused Dried

Milne MicroDried’s patented, proprietary dehydration technology uses low impact vacuum radiant energy to help preserve the flavor, color, and vital vitamins and minerals in each product. These high-quality products are rich in nutritional values and health benefits because they retain more polyphenols than other commercial drying processes.

The fruits and vegetables come in whole pieces or fragments, chewy and crunchy textures, coarse or fine grind powders, slices and wedges, and diced, tidbits, and cube formats. For ease of use, their ingredients can be customized for texture, water activity, moisture level and flowability for various application.

Add to that their use of the whole fruit – seeds and all – and you have a very healthy ingredient. MicroDried now offers 26 fruit and vegetable varieties and 106 different products.

Milne MicroDried is glad to work with customers to develop new consumer products, test different varieties, and meet product specifications.


If you would like to receive samples of this supplier’s products or want to learn more, please email us at or call 303-343-7585.


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